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We provide services in Software Development, Hardware & Network Solutions, Film Making, Digital Printing, Computer Training and so on.

About us

A+IT, established in 2003, is a private computer and technology company, specializing in software and hardware solutions, film-making and editing, digital printing, computer training and network building.

The aim of the company is to provide IT solutions for businesses in the field of telecommunication systems and other allied businesses such as manufacturers of telecom materials, satellite and networking companies, video conference and email services, and private companies for their digital needs. A+IT services extend to both national and international businesses.

The company’s mission is to make itself a leading centre for IT solutions. A+IT aims to set up a modern laboratory with high technology to be used for internal and external services, such production support, by providing camera, editing panel, lights etc.

A+IT currently has a working contract with the University of Development Alternative (UODA), and provides computing solution services to their Department of Communication and Media Studies. There are 570 students in this department, who pay TK 500.00 (five hundred) each per month, out of their tuition fees. UODA pays this total amount to A+IT directly.

A+IT Computer Solution’s plan is to specialize in providing service in areas such as:

Software Development

Starting from making software, marketing them to national and international businesses and government agencies, and assisting with installation and maintenance;

Hardware Solutions

Providing assistance and expertise in assembling, installing and maintenance, with sales follow up service;

Film Making

Providing expertise in film making, such as with editing, graphics and animation, and also assisting with production and supply;

Digital Printing

Providing high quality prints, graphic designs on papers and posters and providing assistance with fitting and maintaining them;

Computer Training

Providing training programmes on varieties of functions such as film making, editing, broadcasting, transmitting, building graphics and animation;

Network solutions

Setting up and maintaining wiring connections in different companies with follow up service;

The competitive advantage of A+IT would be that it could be a pioneer in computing and technology solutions, as there currently exists no prevailing elaborate companies locally who provide an all-round technology solution as a whole. With proper execution, this company aims to target markets both nationally and internationally.

Services We Provide

Digital Printing

We Providing high quality prints, graphic designs on papers and posters and so on.

Software Production

We develop softwares, provides installation and maintainance services.

Media Production

We have experts for a quality media production.

Film Editing

We Providing expertise in film making, such as with editing, graphics and animation.

Media Education

A+ IT provides media education through training programmes.

Training Programme

We Providing training programmes on film making, editing, broadcasting, transmitting etc.

3D Printing

We also deliver high quality 3D printing services.

Video Product

We provide service any kind of videos for educaiton or business purpose.

Audio Product

Any kind of audio service like brand new audio products or editing.

Graphics & Animation

High quality graphics & animaions with modern concept that suits business.

Video Colour Correction

Providing video colour correction service for better user experience.


Setting up and maintaining wiring connections in different companies with follow up service.

Existing Business

Currently A+IT is still continuing to provide elaborate student-training and information software programmes, as well as media and graphics training programmes for the CMS Department of UODA, alongside doing digital printing of college and school books for CODA and SODA. Furthermore, the firm is working on digital printing for books on the CEFAD (Complete Education for Alternative Development) concept for UODA, and proving graphic design training programmes for its students. A+IT is also providing software programme and training for media education at Eminence International College (EIC) for virtual learning for its students.

The firm has also done business with International Development Bank (IDB), where the bank would recruit graduates for job positions and send them to A+IT. The firm then would provide comprehensive software programing training and graphic designing training to those recruits for the banks internal job purposes. Additionally, it also provided operational training programme to use those softwares.

Furthermore, A+IT is currently working on a national database and security software to be launched with governmental organisations both nationally and internationally.

A+IT currently employs good few technical experts. There is a Director of Graphics, who is an expert with great experience in film-making, graphic design and animation. The firm also has other experts as existing employees such as 2 other animation and graphic designers, 2 software programmers, 1 web designer, 4 programme trainers and 2 technicians for audio and video products and hardware installations.

Management team/Board of Directors

Md. Muniruzzaman

Managing Director

Khwaja Zia


Shamim Akter


Future Business Plan

As discussed previously, the firm’s vision is to provide elaborate technology solutions to private companies, telecommunication agencies, governmental and non-governmental agencies in a rapidly growing digital age, with maximum expertise. As the firm’s past and existing business clienteles includes educational and private institutions, it proposes to expand in this sector by providing further solutions on media education training programmes, graphic designing programmes, networking solutions and collective training programmes for more colleges and universities, both private and public. The firm also aims to create and provide more elaborate national security database software for governmental organisations both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, the firm’s target is to also create business developmental softwares and provide them to public and private agencies. Additionally, the firm seeks to offer comprehensive software training programmes to the staff of such institutions.

A+IT also aims to provide further audio and video solutions to more telecommunications agencies such as creating audio and video products, graphics and animation solutions, film making and editing, video colour correction and providing media production house. A+IT also seeks to offer networking and wiring services to such companies.

The firm aims to continue more elaborate digital printing for advertisements and billboards, for books and advertisement leaflets and provide graphics and designing for private and educational institutions. Moreover, one of the other target is to also bring in 3D printing, which is almost non-existent in the local market, and provide 3D printed models and products to various companies who need them for business or advertising needs, such as hospitals, food chains and other private companies.

Additionally, the firm also aims to target the hardware market by bringing and assembling hardware parts and turning them into finished computers, alongside creating specialist software programmes, to be supplied to staff and students of those institutions. Furthermore, the firm also aims to assemble hardware and create specialist software finished into mini tablets, alongside the other assembled products finished into small computers. These products will not only be supplied to local students and staff, but would also be exported to people worldwide in educational and private sectors.

A+IT also aims to increase its human resource by employing additional graduates and experts in technology, such as hiring 2 more software developers, 2 more web designers, 2 more technicians for hardware installations and creating audio and video products and 2 more animation and graphic designers, so as to ensure effective and expert technological solutions are provided by the firm.

By aiming to capture the growing digital market through such businesses and more, A+IT seeks to capitalize on these opportunities and expand both nationally and internationally, with the target to bring in the proposed revenue mentioned above and to become an extremely innovative and fruitful business.


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A+ IT Computer Solution provides services on software, hardware and network solution, digital printing, film making, computer training, media education. Contact us regarding the above services or services information to the following address:

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